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Fund Manager / Managed Fund requests

Please post your requests for fund managers you'd like me to implement, and/or any particular funds you'd like to see added first.

Fund managers I already have data for:
  • Colonial First State - Managed Investment Funds
  • Colonial First State - FirstChoice Investments
  • Colonial First State - FirstChoice Wholesale Investments
  • NavraInvest
  • Platinum Asset Management
  • BT Investment Funds
  • BT Investor Choice Funds
  • BT Classic Investment Funds
  • BT Wholesale managed funds
  • Challenger
  • Perpetual
  • Ausbil
  • Pengana (Emerging Companies and Property Securities funds only)

Fund managers I think I can get data for:
  • Hunter Hall
  • Lincoln

Fund managers I'm pretty sure I can't get data for (without paying a lot of $$$):
  • Macquarie
  • AMP
  • Australian Unity
  • Tyndall
  • Portfolio Partners
  • Barclays Global Investors
  • Principal Global Investors

Other fund managers with problems
  • Ganes Focused Value Fund - only publishes weekly data, which messes up my statistics
  • Prime Value Funds - don't have complete history ... although they do have a note on their website saying you should contact them if you want information on the history (whether that means they have the data available or not I'm not sure).
  • Selector - only transacts monthly, statistics wouldn't really work with monthly data
  • Skandia - don't seem to have full history of unit prices available. Can't find distribution data
  • DDH Graham - they don't seem to have accurate distribution data - some of the distribution information is missing, so the results are difficult to obtain accurately
  • Fidelity - not sure if they are actually publishing full unit price data, but they don't provide full distribution data or ex-distribution unit prices anyway, so I can't do statistics for them

This is a general comment only and does not constitute advice. Before making financial decisions you should seek advice from a professional adviser, who can take into account your specific circumstances and investment goals.
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