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BT Investment Funds

Managed Funds:

Fund NameAPIRSectorRegionStatus
BT Active Balanced FundRFA0020AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedAustraliaOpen
BT American Share FundBTA0023AUGeneral EquitiesNorth AmericaOpen
BT APN Property for IncomeWFS0088AUProperty (Listed and/or Unlisted)AustraliaOpen
BT Asian Share FundBTA0026AUGeneral EquitiesAsia (ex Japan)Open
BT Australian Share FundBTA0021AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
BT B******* Diversified GrowthWFS0089AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
BT Core Hedged Global Share FundRFA0030AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
BT Credit Suisse International ShareWFS0090AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
BT Diversified Share FundRFA0033AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
BT European Share FundBTA0025AUGeneral EquitiesEuropeOpen
BT Fixed Interest FundRFA0002AUFixed Interest / IncomeAustraliaOpen
BT Future Goals FundBTA0044AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (inc Australia)Open
BT Geared Imputation FundRFA0062AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
BT Global PropertyWFS0387AUProperty (Listed and/or Unlisted)Global (ex Australia)Open
BT Imputation FundRFA0019AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
BT Income Plus FundBTA0042AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
BT Intech High OpportunityWFS0390AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
BT International FundBTA0024AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (inc Australia)Open
BT Investors Mutual Australia ShareWFS0091AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
BT Japanese Share FundBTA0131AUGeneral EquitiesJapanOpen
BT Multi-manager Balanced FundBTA0077AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
BT Multi-manager Conservative FundBTA0078AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
BT Multi-manager Growth FundBTA0080AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (inc Australia)Open
BT Multi-manager High Growth FundBTA0079AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (inc Australia)Open
BT Partner Australian Shares Core 1BTA0072AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
BT Partner Australian Shares Growth 1BTA0073AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
BT Partner Australian Shares Value 1BTA0074AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
BT Partner International Shares Core 1BTA0249AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
BT Partner International Shares Growth 1BTA0075AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
BT Partner International Shares Value 1BTA0076AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
BT Platinum InternationalWFS0092AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
BT Property Securities FundBTA0051AUProperty (Listed and/or Unlisted)AustraliaOpen
BT Schroder Australia ShareWFS0093AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
BT Schroders BalancedWFS0094AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
BT Schroders Hybrid SecuritiesWFS0095AUFixed Interest / IncomeAustraliaOpen
BT Smaller Companies FundRFA0012AUSmall / Mid Market CapitalisationAustraliaOpen
BT Tax Effective Income FundRFA0034AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedAustraliaOpen
BT Technology FundBTA0127AUTechnology / TelecommunicationsGlobal (ex Australia)Open
BT UBS Australian ShareWFS0096AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
BT UBS Defensive InvestmentWFS0097AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
BT UBS Diversified Fixed IncomeWFS0098AUFixed Interest / IncomeAustraliaOpen
BT UBS International ShareWFS0099AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open

Other Fund Managers:

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