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Challenger Wholesale Funds

Managed Funds:

Fund NameAPIRSectorRegionStatus
Challenger - Custom Choice Wholesale Boutique Australian Share PortfolioHOW0019AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
Challenger - Five Oceans Professional World FundHOW0030AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Challenger - Five Oceans Wholesale World FundHOW0032AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Challenger - Greencape Wholesale Broadcap FundHOW0034AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
Challenger - Greencape Wholesale High Conviction FundHOW0035AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Challenger - Kinetic Wholesale Emerging Companies FundHOW0036AUSmall / Mid Market CapitalisationAustraliaOpen
Challenger - Orion Wholesale Australian Share FundHOW0020AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
Challenger Professional High Yield FundHOW0142AUFixed Interest / IncomeAustraliaOpen
Challenger Wholesale Asian Share FundHBC0010AUGeneral EquitiesAsia (ex Japan)Open
Challenger Wholesale Australian Share FundPAM0001AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
Challenger Wholesale Australian Share Income FundHBC0011AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
Challenger Wholesale China Share FundHOW0033AUGeneral EquitiesAsia (ex Japan)Open
Challenger Wholesale Global Infrastructure FundHOW0031AUInfrastructureGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Challenger Wholesale High Yield FundHOW0141AUFixed Interest / IncomeAustraliaOpen
Challenger Wholesale Hybrid Property FundHBC0013AUProperty (Listed and/or Unlisted)AustraliaOpen
Challenger Wholesale Microcap FundHOW0027AUSmall / Mid Market CapitalisationAustraliaOpen
Challenger Wholesale Property Securities FundHBC0008AUProperty (Listed and/or Unlisted)AustraliaOpen
Challenger Wholesale Select Australian Share FundHOW0026AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Challenger Wholesale Smaller Companies FundHOW0016AUSmall / Mid Market CapitalisationAustraliaOpen
Challenger Wholesale Socially Responsive Share FundHOW0121AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
Challenger - Kinetic Wholesale Smaller Companies FundHBC0006AUSmall / Mid Market CapitalisationAustraliaClosed

Other Fund Managers:

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