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Perpetual WealthFocus Investments

Managed Funds:

Fund NameAPIRSectorRegionStatus
Perpetual - Aberdeen Australian Bond FundPER0375AUFixed Interest / IncomeAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - ABN AMRO Australian Equity FundPER0161AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - ABN AMRO Global Equity FundPER0160AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
Perpetual - AMP Capital Equity FundPER0163AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - APN Property for Income FundPER0164AUProperty (Listed and/or Unlisted)AustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Ausbil Australian Emerging Leaders FundPER0287AUSmall / Mid Market CapitalisationAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - AXA Global Equity Value FundPER0165AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
Perpetual - B******* Australian SharePER0166AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - B******* Diversified Growth FundPER0167AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual - B******* Diversified Stable FundPER0168AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual - B******* International SharePER0169AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
Perpetual - B******* Property Securities Index FundPER0372AUProperty (Listed and/or Unlisted)AustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Challenger Australian Share FundPER0373AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Challenger Howard Mortgage FundPER0290AUFixed Interest / IncomeAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Challenger Property Securities FundPER0174AUProperty (Listed and/or Unlisted)AustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Colonial First State Balanced FundPER0170AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual - Colonial First State Imputation FundPER0171AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Credit Suisse Global Hybrid IncomePER0374AUFixed Interest / IncomeAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Credit Suisse Select Investment International Shares FundPER0172AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
Perpetual - Goldman Sachs JBWere Global Small Companies FundPER0184AUSmall / Mid Market CapitalisationGlobal (ex Australia)Open
Perpetual - Goldman Sachs JBWere InternationalPER0185AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
Perpetual - ING Managed Growth FundPER0177AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual - ING Tax Effective Income FundPER0178AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Intech Australian Shares Active FundPER0179AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Intech Balanced Growth FundPER0180AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual - Intech Conservative Growth FundPER0181AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual - Intech Growth FundPER0182AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual - Intech International Shares Active (Unhedged)PER0183AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
Perpetual - Investors Mutual Australian Share FundPER0176AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Merrill Lynch Monthly Income FundPER0299AUFixed Interest / IncomeGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual - Perennial Value Shares FundPER0293AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Platinum AsiaPER0376AUGeneral EquitiesAsia (ex Japan)Open
Perpetual - Platinum International FundPER0186AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
Perpetual - RCM Global Analysts Choice FundPER0173AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
Perpetual - RREEF Global (ex Australia) Property SecuritiesPER0377AUProperty (Listed and/or Unlisted)Global (ex Australia)Open
Perpetual - Schroder Australian Equity FundPER0187AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Schroder Balanced FundPER0188AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual - UBS Australian Share FundPER0189AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - UBS Balanced Investment FundPER0190AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual - UBS Defensive Investment FundPER0191AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual - UBS Diversified Fixed Income FundPER0192AUFixed Interest / IncomeGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual - UBS International Share FundPER0193AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
Perpetual - Vanguard Australian Fixed Interest IndexPER0194AUFixed Interest / IncomeAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Vanguard International Shares Index (Hedged) FundPER0195AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
Perpetual Australian Share FundPER0241AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Perpetual Balanced Growth FundPER0100AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual Cash FundPER0236AUCashAustraliaOpen
Perpetual Concentrated Equity FundPER0237AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Perpetual Conservative Growth FundPER0238AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual Diversified Growth FundPER0112AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual Diversified Income FundPER0284AUFixed Interest / IncomeAustraliaOpen
Perpetual Ethical SRI FundPER0243AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Perpetual Geared Australian FundPER0244AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Perpetual Industrial Share FundPER0011AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Perpetual International Share FundPER0031AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Open
Perpetual Mortgage FundPER0239AUFixed Interest / IncomeGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perpetual Property Income FundPER0275AUProperty (Listed and/or Unlisted)AustraliaOpen
Perpetual Property Securities FundPER0240AUProperty (Listed and/or Unlisted)AustraliaOpen
Perpetual SHARE-PLUS FundPER0242AUGeneral EquitiesAustraliaOpen
Perpetual Smaller Companies FundPER0113AUSmall / Mid Market CapitalisationAustraliaOpen
Perpetual Split Growth FundPER0064AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Open
Perputual - Advance Imputation FundPER0162AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Quantitative Investments Alpha Share FundPER0141AULarge Capitalisation / Blue ChipAustraliaOpen
Perpetual - Balanced Growth Fund - Nil Entry FeePER0101AUBalanced / Blended / DiversifiedGlobal (inc Australia)Closed
Perpetual - Investors Mutual Future Leaders FundPER0175AUSmall / Mid Market CapitalisationAustraliaClosed
Perpetual International Share Fund - Nil Entry FeePER0052AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (ex Australia)Closed
Perpetual Split Growth Fund Nil Entry FeePER0065AUGeneral EquitiesGlobal (inc Australia)Closed

Other Fund Managers:

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