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Citi Smith Barney Margin Lending

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Ausbil Dexia
Ausbil Australian Active Equity FundAAP0103AU75%
Ausbil Australian Emerging Leaders FundAAP0104AU60%
BT Classic Investment Funds
BT Active Balanced Fund - Nil Entry FeeRFA0021AU70%
BT Asset Selection FundBTA0169AU75%
BT Australasian Bond FundBTA0003AU75%
BT Balanced Returns FundBTA0043AU75%
BT Core Australian Share FundRFA0011AU75%
BT Diversified Share Fund - Nil Entry FeeRFA0024AU75%
BT Ethical Share FundRFA0027AU70%
BT Global Bond FundBTA0001AU75%
BT International Share FundBTA0170AU65%
BT Monthly Income FundBTA0041AU75%
BT Natural Resources FundRFA0013AU70%
BT Select Australian Share FundBTA0171AU75%
BT Split Growth FundBTA0012AU75%
BT Split Income FundBTA0011AU75%
BT Tax Effective Income Fund - Nil Entry FeeRFA0023AU75%
BT Investment Funds
BT American Share FundBTA0023AU60%
BT Asian Share FundBTA0026AU50%
BT Australian Share FundBTA0021AU75%
BT Core Hedged Global Share FundRFA0030AU60%
BT European Share FundBTA0025AU65%
BT Fixed Interest FundRFA0002AU75%
BT Future Goals FundBTA0044AU75%
BT Imputation FundRFA0019AU75%
BT Income Plus FundBTA0042AU75%
BT International FundBTA0024AU65%
BT Multi-manager Balanced FundBTA0077AU75%
BT Multi-manager Conservative FundBTA0078AU75%
BT Multi-manager Growth FundBTA0080AU70%
BT Multi-manager High Growth FundBTA0079AU75%
BT Partner Australian Shares Core 1BTA0072AU75%
BT Partner Australian Shares Growth 1BTA0073AU75%
BT Partner Australian Shares Value 1BTA0074AU75%
BT Partner International Shares Growth 1BTA0075AU65%
BT Partner International Shares Value 1BTA0076AU65%
BT Property Securities FundBTA0051AU60%
BT Smaller Companies FundRFA0012AU60%
BT Investor Choice Funds (Westpac Financial Planners)
BT Investor Choice - Westpac All Australian Tax Effective Share FundWFS0103AU75%
BT Investor Choice - Westpac Australian Tax Effective Share FundWFS0021AU75%
BT Investor Choice - Westpac Balanced Growth FundWFS0033AU75%
BT Wholesale Funds
BT Wholesale Active BalancedRFA0815AU75%
BT Wholesale American ShareBTA0100AU60%
BT Wholesale Asian ShareBTA0054AU50%
BT Wholesale Australian ShareBTA0055AU75%
BT Wholesale Australian Small CompaniesBTA0240AU60%
BT Wholesale Balanced ReturnsBTA0806AU75%
BT Wholesale Conservative OutlookBTA0805AU75%
BT Wholesale Core Australian ShareRFA0818AU75%
BT Wholesale Core Global ShareRFA0821AU65%
BT Wholesale Enhanced CreditRFA0100AU65%
BT Wholesale Ethical ConservativeRFA0811AU65%
BT Wholesale Ethical ShareRFA0025AU65%
BT Wholesale European ShareBTA0124AU65%
BT Wholesale Fixed InterestRFA0813AU75%
BT Wholesale Focus Australian Share FundRFA0059AU75%
BT Wholesale Future GoalsBTA0125AU75%
BT Wholesale Global Fixed InterestRFA0032AU75%
BT Wholesale Global Property Securities FundRFA0051AU60%
BT Wholesale ImputationRFA0103AU75%
BT Wholesale International ShareBTA0056AU65%
BT Wholesale Multi-manager High Growth FundBTA0246AU75%
BT Wholesale Partner International Shares Value 1BTA0245AU65%
BT Wholesale Property InvestmentRFA0817AU70%
BT Wholesale Property SecuritiesBTA0061AU70%
BT Wholesale Smaller CompaniesRFA0819AU60%
BT Wholesale Split GrowthBTA0126AU75%
BT Wholesale Tax Effective IncomeRFA0102AU75%
BT Wholesale TechnologyBTA0158AU50%
BT Wholesale Value Global ShareRFA0109AU65%
Challenger Retail Funds
Challenger Australian Share Income FundEQI0004AU70%
Challenger Diversified Income FundEQI0003AU75%
Challenger High Yield FundHOW0143AU70%
Challenger Select Australian Share FundEQI0001AU75%
Challenger Smaller Companies FundHOW0017AU60%
Challenger Wholesale Funds
Challenger - Orion Wholesale Australian Share FundHOW0020AU70%
Challenger Professional High Yield FundHOW0142AU70%
Challenger Wholesale Australian Share FundPAM0001AU70%
Challenger Wholesale Microcap FundHOW0027AU50%
Colonial First State - FirstChoice Investments
Colonial First State (FirstChoice) 452 Australian ShareFSF0418AU65%
Colonial First State (FirstChoice) 452 Geared Australian ShareFSF0090AU40%
Colonial First State (FirstChoice) Geared Global ShareFSF0265AU40%
Colonial First State (FirstChoice) Geared ShareFSF0264AU40%
Colonial First State (FirstChoice) Global ResourcesFSF0244AU70%
Colonial First State (FirstChoice) ImputationFSF0232AU75%
Colonial First State - Ausbil Australian Active EquityFSF0237AU75%
Colonial First State - AXA Global Equity - ValueFSF0085AU65%
Colonial First State - Capital International Global ShareFSF0248AU65%
Colonial First State - FirstChoice Boutique Australian ShareFSF0094AU50%
Colonial First State - FirstChoice GrowthFSF0225AU70%
Colonial First State - FirstChoice ModerateFSF0224AU70%
Colonial First State - FirstChoice Property SecuritiesFSF0222AU60%
Colonial First State - Integrity Australian ShareFSF0408AU75%
Colonial First State - Investors Mutual Australian ShareFSF0092AU70%
Colonial First State - Perpetual Industrial ShareFSF0235AU70%
Colonial First STate - Perpetual Split GrowthFSF0262AU65%
Colonial First State - Platinum InternationalFSF0409AU65%
Colonial First State - PM Capital Australian ShareFSF0097AU50%
Colonial First State - Schroder Australian EquityFSF0240AU75%
Colonial First State - FirstChoice Wholesale Investments
Colonial First State Wholesale Australian Bond FundFSF0027AU75%
Colonial First State Wholesale Australian Corporate DebtFSF0149AU70%
Colonial First State Wholesale Australian Share CoreCFM0404AU75%
Colonial First State Wholesale ConservativeFSF0033AU75%
Colonial First State Wholesale DiversifiedFSF0008AU75%
Colonial First State Wholesale Geared Global ShareFSF0170AU40%
Colonial First State Wholesale Geared ShareFSF0043AU40%
Colonial First State Wholesale Global Credit IncomeFSF0084AU55%
Colonial First State Wholesale Global Health & Biotechnology FundFSF0146AU50%
Colonial First State Wholesale Global ResourcesFSF0038AU60%
Colonial First State Wholesale Global ShareFSF0047AU65%
Colonial First State Wholesale Global Technology & Communications FundFSF0143AU50%
Colonial First State Wholesale High GrowthFSF0498AU70%
Colonial First State Wholesale ImputationFSF0003AU75%
Colonial First State Wholesale IncomeFSF0139AU75%
Colonial First State Wholesale Industrial Share FundFSF0076AU75%
Colonial First State Wholesale LeadersFSF0016AU70%
Colonial First State Wholesale Small Companies - CoreCMI0111AU60%
Colonial First State - Managed Investment Funds
Colonial First State Australian Share FundFSF0014AU75%
Colonial First State Balanced FundFSF0006AU75%
Colonial First State Conservative FundFSF0021AU75%
Colonial First State Developing Companies FundFSF0035AU60%
Colonial First State Diversified FundFSF0022AU75%
Colonial First State Future Leaders FundFSF0007AU70%
Colonial First State Geared Share FundFSF0044AU40%
Colonial First State Global Health & Biotechnology FundFSF0145AU50%
Colonial First State Global Share FundFSF0048AU65%
Colonial First State Global Technology & Communications FundFSF0144AU50%
Colonial First State High Growth FundFSF0077AU60%
Colonial First State Imputation FundFSF0013AU75%
Colonial First State Property Securities FundFSF0012AU60%
Hunter Hall
Hunter Hall Value Growth TrustHOW0002AU70%
Navra Blue Chip Australian Share Retail FundNAV0001AU70%
Navra Blue Chip Australian Share Wholesale FundNAV0002AU70%
Pengana Capital
Pengana Emerging Companies FundPER0270AU60%
Pengana Property Securities FundPER0076AU70%
Perpetual Investor Choice Funds
Perpetual IC - Australian Share Asset GroupPER0029AU75%
Perpetual IC - Conservative Growth Asset GroupPER0030AU70%
Perpetual IC - Industrial Share Asset GroupPER0028AU70%
Perpetual IC - Smaller Companies Share Asset GroupPER0039AU60%
Perpetual WealthFocus Investments
Perpetual - AXA Global Equity Value FundPER0165AU60%
Perpetual - B******* Australian SharePER0166AU75%
Perpetual - B******* Diversified Growth FundPER0167AU70%
Perpetual - B******* Diversified Stable FundPER0168AU70%
Perpetual - B******* International SharePER0169AU65%
Perpetual - Credit Suisse Select Investment International Shares FundPER0172AU65%
Perpetual - Goldman Sachs JBWere Global Small Companies FundPER0184AU50%
Perpetual - ING Managed Growth FundPER0177AU65%
Perpetual - Investors Mutual Australian Share FundPER0176AU75%
Perpetual - Investors Mutual Future Leaders FundPER0175AU65%
Perpetual - Platinum International FundPER0186AU65%
Perpetual - Schroder Australian Equity FundPER0187AU75%
Perpetual - UBS Balanced Investment FundPER0190AU75%
Perpetual Australian Share FundPER0241AU75%
Perpetual Balanced Growth FundPER0100AU75%
Perpetual Concentrated Equity FundPER0237AU70%
Perpetual Conservative Growth FundPER0238AU70%
Perpetual Diversified Growth FundPER0112AU70%
Perpetual Ethical SRI FundPER0243AU55%
Perpetual Geared Australian FundPER0244AU40%
Perpetual Industrial Share FundPER0011AU75%
Perpetual International Share FundPER0031AU65%
Perpetual Property Securities FundPER0240AU65%
Perpetual SHARE-PLUS FundPER0242AU70%
Perpetual Smaller Companies FundPER0113AU60%
Perpetual Split Growth FundPER0064AU70%
Perpetual Split Growth Fund Nil Entry FeePER0065AU70%
Quantitative Investments Alpha Share FundPER0141AU60%
Perpetual Wholesale Funds
Perpetual - Quantitative Investments Alpha TE2 FundPER0115AU60%
Perpetual Wholesale Australian FundPER0049AU75%
Perpetual Wholesale Balanced Growth FundPER0063AU70%
Perpetual Wholesale Concentrated Equity FundPER0102AU70%
Perpetual Wholesale Conservative Growth FundPER0077AU70%
Perpetual Wholesale Diversified Growth FundPER0114AU70%
Perpetual Wholesale Ethical SRI FundPER0116AU55%
Perpetual Wholesale Geared Australian FundPER0071AU40%
Perpetual Wholesale Industrial FundPER0046AU75%
Perpetual Wholesale International Share FundPER0050AU65%
Perpetual Wholesale Monthly Income FundPER0106AU70%
Perpetual Wholesale Property Securities FundPER0070AU60%
Perpetual Wholesale SHARE-PLUS FundPER0072AU70%
Perpetual Wholesale Smaller Companies FundPER0048AU60%
Perpetual Wholesale Split Growth FundPER0066AU65%
Platinum Asset Management
Platinum Asia FundPLA0004AU60%
Platinum European FundPLA0001AU60%
Platinum International Brands FundPLA0100AU60%
Platinum International FundPLA0002AU65%
Platinum International Technology FundPLA0101AU60%
Platinum Japan FundPLA0003AU60%

Other Margin Lenders:

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