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Compare Managed Funds

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RSS Feeds

There are a number of different types of feed available on the support forums, from a master feed which includes all recently updated threads, through to individual forum feeds, or even a custom selection of forums combined into one feed. The forums support RSS 0.9, RSS 1.0 (RDF), RSS 2.0 and XML formats for feeds.

Note that only the RSS 2.0 feeds (the default) include an excerpt of the post in the feed.

Master Feed Individual forum feeds Roll your own feed[forumids][type]/[forumids]

  • [forumids] - comma separated list of forum ids to include in feed.
  • [type] - an optional parameter of one of: rss rdf rss2 xml
    • rss = RSS 0.9
    • rdf = RSS 1.0 (RDF)
    • rss2 = RSS 2.0 (default)
    • xml = XML

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